3-Year Old Class

Our 3-Year Old Class is for toilet trained children who will be three years old by September 30.  This class is often a child’s first introduction to being away from parents.  While our curriculum stresses socialization through cooperative and self-directed (free) play, group participation is encouraged.  Circle Time and Jesus Time are introduced.  Activities are offered that further develop the child’s small and large motor skills. 

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4-Year Old Class

Our 4-Year Old Class is for children who will be four years old by September 30.  This program provides socialization through play, but also encourages the development of listening and learning skills through longer Story Time, Circle Time and Jesus Time.  Art activities and learning games enhance the development of motor skills.

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Pre-Kindergarten Class

Our Pre-Kindergarten Class is the appropriate placement for both older 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds who are not yet ready for kindergarten.  Because of the ages of the children in this class, many of the activities will be more involved and academic or learning oriented.  Each child is worked with both individually and in small groups to gain mastery of school-readiness skills.  Children are also given the opportunity to socialize and become more confident in the skills necessary for a smooth transition into kindergarten.